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Most of our products are with insert of amber and therefore delicate. Please use appropriate care to enjoy our products for a long time. Care should be taken to prevent your jewellery or glassware being damaged. Silver can tarnish over a time, especially if it has contact with certain chemicals, perfumes, cosmetic products or it maybe even accelerated by the acidity of wearers skin. Silver should be kept dry. Remove it before washing up, showering, bathing. Never go swimming in your jewellery, chlorine in swimming pools can cause permanent damage. Do not mix jewellery up together as this result in scratching and damages of chains. If possible store your jewellery in a tarnish free cloth or good quality jewellery boxes.

A silver polishing cloth is useful item for giving your jewellery lustre and shine. If the tarnishing is severe we recommend you take your jewellery to us when visiting place of our exhibition.

Taking care of amber:
Never leave your amber under direct sunlight. Keep your jewellery away from too much hot or cold temperature. Always apply your perfume and hairspray before wearing the jewellery. Never wash dishes or do laundry with your jewellery on. Avoid doing cooking or cleaning activities while wearing an amber product.